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An Executive from the telecommunication industry reported the following in Germany in 2005 in regards to the high speed business tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks shared by Nate
“I am really grateful for these Secrets!

Today I had the first face to face with a subsidiary who was refuting the contract and disputing various points.

Luckily, I had CHUNKED it, so when I was talking to these people, I could fight fire with fire. These people were the head of legal counsel for a foreign subsidiary and head of legal counsel at our company here in Germany.

Phew! I was worried, but went smoothly.

We had a lot of confusion with our new brand license contract, so many legal heads all talking together about what action to take.

I CHUNKED all of our contracts and found a clear path forward.

Now, in our meetings, I can contribute with confidence that I understand the contracts and what our roles and responsibilities are.

Best of all, I know what I have to do.”

T-Systems International (part of Deutsche Telekom), Brand Strategy and Monitoring – International, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Alyssa McDonald

Deutsche Telekom Bio Facts(2006)

  • One of the world’s leading telecommunications and information technology service providers.
  • Assets $146.28 billion.
  • Profits $6.29 billion
  • Operates in 50 countries
  • Employees 244,645
  • Forbes Magazine world ranking 39th
  • Fortune Global 500 ranking 54th

This is surely something that both your Board of Directors and Key Investors will want this year right?

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