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The Event/Conference:MBA_logo
(2004) Contract BOOTCAMP For Master Builders.

In conjunction with the Master Builders Association (MBA).

To download the MBA 2004/5 Training Program, click here…>


Drill 1 – Mastering the conditions in your contracts
October 12  CPD Points: 14

Drill 1 focuses on reducing the time it takes for your staff to
review each of the difference sections of your contract.  Such as:

  • the general conditions of contract
  • the special conditions of contract
  • the technical specification
  • drawings
  • bills and schedules
  • construction programs
  • referenced codes of practice and laws

Drill 2 – Effective tendering & contract management
October 19  CPD Points: 14

Drill 2 is all about cutting down the time it takes your staff to manage tenders and contracts. Participants will learn how to:

  • find clients and work (pre-registering, pre-qualifying and direct offers)
  • win the work (contract review, costing, bidding and tendering)
  • deliver what they promised they would (contract administration)
  • determine who is going to do the subcontracted work and how much for (subcontracting)
  • ensure they get what they asked for (subcontract administration)
  • resolve disputes with their clients and contractors (dispute resolution)

Drill 3 – Taming the commercial conditions in your contracts
October 26  CPD Points: 14

Drill 3 focuses on reducing the time it takes your staff to manage
contentious contract conditions such as:

  • defective materials and work
  • site latent conditions
  • insurance of the works, the contractor’s employees and the public
  • extension of time (EOT)
  • variations
  • practical completion, defects liability period and final completion
  • liquidated damages
  • progress and payment claims
  • performance security and payment retention

As well as many other important commercial conditions.  It also
shows the participants the suite of General Conditions of
contract available from:

  • Standards Australia International (SAI)
  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)
  • Master Builders Australia (MBA)
  • Property Council of Australia (PCA) (previously known as the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)) and
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA)


These workshops will do two things. The first is to save you time and money now. And the second is to set a solid foundation for future work. As a result of these Workshops, your staff will be able to better:

  • select the appropriate contracting, tendering and dispute resolution practices for your situation
  • identify non-standard contractual requirements and practices and raise appropriate management alarms
  • select appropriate contract conditions for their contracts
  • ensure that clients, contractors and subcontractors comply with their contracts
  • make sound business decisions
  • negotiate contract conditions to your favour
  • develop realistic achievable schedules, programs and costings
  • develop agendas and checklists for contract meetings
  • identify potential risks and determine what actions should be taken to minimise these risks
  • manage tasks and responsibilities you delegate to them; and understand the consequences of their actions, and lack of action

Those who will benefit

These Drills are specifically designed for those involved in design, building, construction, supply, installation and maintenance contracts.  Past participant who have found the workshop beneficial include:construction_industry-characters

  • business owners
  • contract managers and administrators
  • cost and time estimators
  • purchasing officers, accounts clerks
  • architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, surveyors, trades people
  • supervisors, superintendents and inspectors
  • quality assurance, OH&S and environmental specialists
  • trade apprentices, university graduates

New type of workshop design

This is a new type of workshop design. It has been built as a result of survey of 400 successful industry practioners over three years – non of which were academics.

Basically we asked them ‘what they actually did to ensure success. Not what the courts, laws, standards or contracts said they had to do. But what they actually did do, and what they did know.’

Consequently, this is not your normal contract training program. You will not get the typical legal guidance on what makes a contract, nor any information on the structure of the court system.

We pretty much guarantee that you won’t get this type of information anywhere else.

Journey Learning

The Workshops have been designed to take your staff on a journey from simple conversational English that is used on the shop floor to the nitty gritty of the standards, codes and laws. We have found this journey dramatically enhances the participants learning.

See the Bigger Picture

Most of the training in the construction industry focuses on one or two particular points or standards, such as contracts, quality or safety – often with little explanation of how they relate to other issues. Contract BOOTCAMP is unique, in that it puts over 100 industry standards into perspective.

Graphically Presented

Most of the information is presented pictorially instead of the standard slab of text mentality. This makes the learning much faster and much more thorough.

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