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The Event/Conference:
(2004) Mustor GOLF For Master Builders. (Legal Section)

In conjunction with the Master Builders Association (MBA).

This program was themed on the game of golf.  The sections were modeled of the nine holes of a golf course.

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Five truths you will inevitably face2004_MBA_Mustor_Golf_Day

  1. The instructions within offers, counter offers, specifications, regulations and contracts are the back bone of most businesses
    and government departments.
  2. Managers are often responsible, accountable and liable for
    complying with instructions; and unfortunately ignorance is no
    excuse in the eyes of the law. The consequence of
    misunderstanding and not complying with these can often be
  3. Most of business and government instructions are written in
    complex confusing legalese, even the ones that are supposed to
    be in plain English.
  4. Due the modern business pressures and distractions, most people
    do not have the time to interrogate these instructions as they
    know they should; and are consequently taking huge risks.
  5. Unnecessary costs come from:
  • complying with the wrong instructions
  • complying with multiple instructions, only to find that that
    your organisation actually had a choice
  • complying with an instruction, to later find, that it only
    needed to be complied with in a particular situation
  • complying with an instruction, only to find that your
    organisation was exempted from complying with it
  • complying with instructions to early or to late

Mustor Bootcamp aims to reduce this risk by giving some simple, yet
effective techniques on how to quickly interrogate even the most
complicated of contracts and regulations.

Those who will benefit

The Mustor Techniques are invaluable to everyone involved in
negotiating the requirements of:

  • bids, tenders, contracts, specifications
  • policies, procedures, instructions, rules and
  • legislation and regulations

In particular, it will be beneficial to:

  • Business Owners
  • Contract Administration staff
  • Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Surveyors, Trades
  • Supervisors, Superintendents and Inspectors
  • Government Officials
  • Union Representatives
  • Contract and Regulation Writers and Developers
  • Contract Managers and Administrators
  • Cost And Time Estimators
  • Purchasing Officers, Accountants and Accounts Clerks
  • Quality Assurance, OH&S and Environmental Specialists
  • Trade Apprentices and University Students
  • Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers
  • Mediators, Arbitrators Adjudicators and Dispute Resolvers

So what?
The Mustor Interrogation Techniques will immediately reduce
the time and cost of:

  • reviewing offers, contracts, specifications and legislation
  • analysing workflow requirements
  • preparing flowcharts, procedures, action plans, programs
    (timelines, Gantt/PERT charts)
  • making and defending contractual claims
  • completing prescribed notices
  • identifying and comparing choices
  • comparing multi-source requirements
  • comparing changes with original requirements
  • developing management alarms
  • planning, programming and costing compliance
  • auditing compliance
  • translating requirements into other languages

It will also decrease:

  • the tedious mental gymnastics required to understand complex
    offers, terms, clauses, obligations and requirements
  • the amount of costly mistakes and errors and the associated

This Workshop will dramatically increase your confidence.

Drill 1 – Mustor Specification, Contract, & Regulation Interrogation Techniques

CPD Activity Code: TG006RN8 CPD Points: 4

1. The Mustor Seven interrogation questions (Mustor 7?) you
need to ask about each instruction in the:

  • tender, bid, offer or counter offer
  • contract, specification
  • law, legislation and regulations
  • purchase order
  • work instruction
  • insurance policy

2. Mustor Highlighting – standard markup conventions

3. Mustor Meeting Minute Taking

  • focused listening
  • targeted questioning


Drill 2 – Mustor Compliance Planning & Auditing Techniques
CPD Activity Code: 3Y7BDP4V CPD Points: 4

How to use the Mustor Interrogation Techniques to:

  1. plan how your organisation is going to comply
  2. determine the consequences of each choice
  3. develop programs of when your organisation plans to comply (ie.
    works programs, timelines, Gantt and PERT charts)
  4. determine the cost of compliance
  5. develop management alarm bells for condition and timing
  6. determine when:
  • requirements have been checked and are compliant
  • requirements have been checked and are non-compliant
  • compliance is indeterminable as:
    • insufficient information exists
    • the instruction is ambiguous (i.e multiple meanings)
    • the instruction is illogical

This drill also provides an introduction into Mustor Multi Scenario
Compliance Auditing Technique which is based on propositional
logic analysis. i.e True or false analysis

Drill 3 – Mustor Military Precision Drafting and Public Speaking Techniques
CPD Activity Code: F25T5VS4 CPD Points: 4

How to use the Mustor Interrogation Techniques to:

  1. draft complex instructions, offers, counter offers, specifications,
    regulations and contracts
  2. unscramble scrambled structures
  3. reverse structures
  4. structurally punctuate instructions
  5. structurally bullet point instructions
  6. simplify Structural and Intensity Dictators
  7. insert leading condition dividers
  8. graft structures together to form Siamese structures, and dissect
    Siamese structures
  9. de-contaminate contaminated structures
  10. Mustor Military Precision Public Speaking
  • clear speaking with selective emphasis
  • Mustor Pauses – verbalising commas and semi-colons – the
    power of silence
  • Overcoming the dangers associated with ‘whisper chains’

What you won’t get

Guidance and tuition on:

  • contract law theory
  • speed reading skills

Real life case studies

This Workshop series uses real life contracts and legislation
case studies from:

  • NSW Acts and Regulations for Security of Payment,
    Environmental Protection, OH&S Health and Safety, Industrial
    Relations and Interpretations
  • AS 2124 General Conditions of Contract
  • AS 4300 Design and Construct Contract
  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Referenced Australian
  • Industry Association contracts from MBA, HIA, RAIA, PCA and
  • Master Builders Association (MBA) BC4
  • Government Department contracts from
  • NSW Dept of Commerce (C21), NSW RTA, QLD Main Roads

On-the-job Application Session

These Workshops come with a two hour on-the-job application
session option where participants put into practice what they
have learnt at work.

The session will focus on real life analysis, planning, auditing and
drafting of the contracts they have with their clients, contractors,
suppliers and consultants.

Participants are encouraged to invite their colleagues to these
sessions to share the learning and application.


These Workshops are based not available anywhere else.

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