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As a Speed [>>] Club Member, you will be able to offer your inner circle of trusted family and friends two very special GUESTS-ONLY GOOD 🙂 LIFE They will simply say “Welcome to the good life”.  These are in fact SCHOLARSHIPS. Why is Founder Nate offering this to you? Well, quite simple really.  Because he knows with a high-level of certainty (history has proven it time and time again) that once people get a taste of the good-J-life, they won’t want to give it back.  For it’s that addictive.  AND remember that, it is a gift from you t;o them.  They will surely appreciate you for that – and probably buy you a ä fancy connoisseur-styled dinner out at your favorite restaurant – with fine wine of course.  In particular, you get to give TWO GOOD 🙂 LIFE SCHOLARSHIPS for TWO of your friends to attend four extra special private small group events:

  • 2x Full-Hour-Plus Special Focus Executive Workshops live online with a Direct Q&A session to round it off
  • 2x Special Executive Network Building Lunches sponsored by the Codex Connoisseur Club [CCC] whilst Fine Food Farmer Nate is in the northern hemisphere.

To show that Founder Nate is as serious about the speed of ‘their’ success, as ‘yours’, he will cover the majority of the investment, with only a $1 investment required.  “Why $1? Why not free?” he is often asked.  His usually response: “Good question.  Well, you see, we’ve found from doing this for over a couple decades now, that even with even but a sliver of ‘skin the game’ people switch from passive by-standers to active players.  They stop thinking small and start THINKING BIG.  I’m continually amazed how such a simple thing makes such a big difference.  And I’ve come to see that it’s a paradigm shift worth the investment.   Also, it will save your friends a ‘squillion’ dollars: how good is that?  Astounding, they surely say when taking you out for that fine connoisseur dinner!

Of Note:  The live in-person events [LIP] at Speed Club are understated low-key almost-incognito events…that will likely go unnoticed by the general public…this is on purpose, due to the extraordinary power gained by the participant’s families…it has to be this way for great power often comes a need to be able operate relativity unnoticed if required, right?”

To get a magnificent free gift with this Speed [>>] Club benefit, just bash on the big orange button…

Good hunting,

Founder Nate #!*?


And remember now,

“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,

then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”


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