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Enthralling Executive Entertainment That Just Happens To Reveal The Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts

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To provide important relativity to other superstars, you also get the FASTER-THAN-A-SPEEDING BULLET, STRONGER-THAN-A-LOCOMOTIVE “Business Superman Interviews”  [BSI] in a combination of ways – live recorded online videos, CDs, DVDs, and frequently with Printed Transcription. Often these are exclusive interviews with those experienced with renowned high speed business mindsets and systems. Commentary and “live recorded” seminar highlights are regularly peppered throughout.  Programs typically every other month or so except the months where you get the goods live (in-person/online) – such as the Super Profit Super Conference and the Income Explosion Summit Online [SPSC, IESO].* The interviews deliberately target the high speed secrets (hidden in plain sight) of the following 9 Biz Superman types:

  1. Rebellious Yet Highly Successful Business Mavericks
  2. High-Level Corporate & Government Executives
  3. Fast-Moving Fast-Rising Disruptive Entrepreneurs
  4. Defense Department Spearheads (High-Level Executives/Officers)
  5. Lobbying Leaders That Benefactors Take Seriously
  6. Sophisticated Accredited Investors
  7. Heads of Truly Ambitious Families That are Destined To Be Dynasties
  8. Seasoned Senior-Level Professionals
  9. High-Level Niched Consultants, Gurus, Experts, Specialists.

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