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“Special Access to the Founder For

Private Live-In-Person

Executive Keynotes &

Boardroom ‘Battleplan’ Briefings

For Your Organization, Corporation & Associations”




GEMs have access to high-level Executive Keynote Speeches and Executive Battleplan Briefings, for your organization-corporation-association conferences and boardroom presentations by Founder Nate (aka the super profiteering C-Suite Engineer, Galactic Surfer Nate #!*?).

Customization is also available upon request (notes below). Live In-Person [LIP] Executive Keynotes [EKN] are 90 min with no attendance capping, and Boardroom ‘Battle-Plan’ Briefings are 2-3 hrs capped at 14 high level Executives [BBP]…inline with the 10x Executive extensions to 14. Your requests can be logged on a special high-security portal online. Just punch [privateLIP] into the in the top right-hand corner of your Secret Resource Vault online [SRV] and you will be well on your way. And of course, as you will come to know, super serious Executive Rocketeers and Legal Loophole Engineers [ER, LLE] and Empire Mastermind Group [EMG] members have scheduling priority.

POPULAR EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE / BOARDROOM BATTLE-PLAN BRIEFING CHOICES (which are tailorable on-the-spot, due to our particular way of confronting industry endemic problems…that few, if any, run-of-the-mill cookie-cut slow-to-success professionals want (or can) take on, because it is just way too difficult for them – “The Proof Is In The Pudding” as the saying goes.  And there really is only one way to find out.

  • CATEGORY C1.1 Specifically Designed For Fortune 500 Type Executives & Their C-Suite Teams Who Want (& Need) To Accelerate Quickly As Competition Is Getting Much Smarter, Faster & Horrifyingly More Ruthless. With High Speed Highlighting in Black & White [HSB] – in contrast to High Speed Color [HSC]:
    • The Core Behavioral Science:
      • Mustor High Speed Business Mindset/System [MIS 1000, 10000]
    • Popular Generic Keynotes that put the core Behavioral science:
      • The 10x Executive Initiative [10xE]
      • Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [BDNA]
      • The Fastest Money Making Machine Ever Invented By Mankind That Will Never Be Surpassed…That Even Enterprising Executives, Fortune 500 CEOs & CFOs, Bankers, Forbes 400 Entrepreneurs and Emperors Will Covertly Covet!
    • Popular Themed Keynotes:
      • The Babel Fish of Business [BFB]. Inspired by the fabulous galactic-translation tool in the book “Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy”.
      • The Rosetta Stone of Law [RSL]
      • How To Quickly Exploit The Executive Fast Tracks Hidden In Plain Sight [EFT]
      • Secret Executive Frustration To Freedom Shortcuts [F2F]
      • The Infamous Godfather Offer – Secret Speed Success Insights From The Effective “Shady” Side Of Life
      • Need For Speed – Secret Speed Success Insights From The Race Tracks of Life [N4S]
      • Captain Nate’s Seven Cs Of High Speed Success – The ULTIMATE PROFIT EXPLOSION Triggers & Tricks Ever Devised By
      • The Rogue C-Suite Super Profiteering Engineer
      • Pirate DNA Super Profit Secrets that Blackbeard would covertly covet
      • Doctor Nate’s “Penultimate ‘Super Profit’ Problem Prognosis Plan” by the Doctor of Harsh Reality
      • Professor Nate’s INSTANT Income Explosion BLUEPRINT – The Professor of Grand Opportunities
      • Unlock The “REAL” Wealth Game – The Game of Keeping YOUR WEALTH When Everyone Else Is Losing Theirs Super Fast (hard to make, harder to keep right?)
      • Magician Nate’s Watch Me Pull A ‘Super Profit Rabbit’ Out of “YOUR HAT” – A Precise On The ULTIMATE Hidden In Plain Sight Profit Insights That Are Used By The Best Business Superstars Of All Time
      • The Ultimate Money Magnets and The Hidden Super Magnet Behind Them All [UMM]
      • How to Quickly KILL COSTLY KAOS This Year Before It Kicks You In The Teeth…and Eats Away Your Hard Earned Profits [KCK]
    • The Renowned ‘If you truly want’ series:
      • If you truly want to ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you will do this. [ifTGR]
      • If you truly want to be better at ‘Art of War’ than your rivals, you will do this [ifAOW]
      • If you truly want to live the ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ you will do this [if7H]
      • If you truly want to ‘Get Rich Quick’ you will do this. [ifGRQ]
      • If you truly want to ‘Stay Rich Long’ you will do this. [ifSRL]
    • CATEGORY C1.2: = GOLD Ed in High Speed Color [HSC]


  • CATEGORY C2.1 [HSB]:
    • Contract DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [BDNA]
    • Tech Spec DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [TSDNA]
    • Regulatory DNA [RDNA]
    • CATEGORY C2.2: = GOLD Ed in High Speed Color [HSC]


  • CATEGORY C3.1 [HSB]:

(with Business DNA being a pre-requisite)

    • Executive DNA
    • Legal DNA
    • CATEGORY C3.2: = GOLD Ed in High Speed Color [HSC]
    • Legal Loophole Engineering [LLE]
    • UCC DNA
    • BOE DNA
    • Crypto-Currency DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [CCDNA]
    • Blockchain DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [BCDNA]
    • Hash Graph DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [HGDNA]
    • CATEGORY C4.2: = GOLD Ed in High Speed Color [HSC]


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t yet know how powerful the populous control mechanisms within the UCC/BOE are (hidden in plain sight), then these programs are definitely not to be missed. You could of course choose to ignorantly bury your head in the sand like an ostrich.  Your choice.  Success is not mandatory right?


You always have a choice, right?

Blackout Option: And of course, ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDINGS DURING DESIGNATED BLACKOUT SESSIONS. [BOS].  “Off-the-grid…for GOOD BUSINESS” as my father Bob used to say, “IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS!

ASCENSION LOGISTICS: The entry level category is [C1].  Higher categories [C2, C3, and C4] become available once seriousness has been proven (at least one of the earlier foundation categories has been undertaken and firmly embraced).  This will ensure that your C-Suite A-Team has a firm foundation, is fired up, and ready to quickly discover next-level secrets.

OPTIONS: Choose either the Executive Keynote or Boardroom Battle Plan Briefing or both [EKN, BBP]:

  • This Year: C1.1:  $9,597, C2.1: $19,597, C3.1: $29,597 C4.1: $39,597 (GOLD Ed in High Speed Color [HSC] CX.2 is factored at 1.5X). Executives who want/need to get particular messages across (that seem to be falling on deaf ears) whilst maintaining a friendly working environment where staff see that the ‘open door policy’ is real, may request the TRIPLE AAA infusion at a factoring of 2X). More about this below. THE COMBO OPTION: An Executive Keynote Presentation (EKN 90min) AND Executive Boardroom Briefing (EBB 2hrs) COMBINATION is available if delivered within a two-day period at factoring of 1.5X.  Upcoming keynotes and boardroom battleplan briefings are listed within the Club’s musings, include the On Top Forever newsletter. An Anonymous Consumption Option [ACO] is available for those who prefer a fully private closed-door event at factoring of 2X.  Compared with the typical instant-on-the-fly tailoring of presentations, a Comprehensive Customization Option of CX.2 editions are available at a 3X factoring.
  • Next Year: Highly Likely Plus 7% (due to inflation and more importantly, due to the increase in popularity/demand of such a fixed/limited supply)

Operational Logistics: Plus Business Class return travel to/from Coffs Harbour (with a Time Zone Jetlag Reduction Overnighter in Asia), 5* accommodation – obviously discounted by client sharing when delivered on the same day.

Operational Note: As Founder Mr. Nathan McDonald (Nate) is serious about your C-Suite team profiteering exponentially, he makes a choice of appropriate shortcut/fast-start implementation and upskill materials/tools available for selection and investment on-site at all speaking engagements.  For, to present without fast implementation support and tools, ignores reality…the statistics you regularly see handed around, most people, most professionals, even high level Executives, forget some 50% of the secret shortcuts and high speed turbo boosters they pick up at seminars and the like WITHIN a shocking 24HRS.  And within a week, it’s down another quarter to 75%.  And by the time the moon comes around again, a month that is, they’ve pretty much forgotten that they were even there.  And that would not be good…it does not align with the super profiteering goals right?  And so, not a good investment at all, right? Without supporting books, CDs, DVDs, checklists, SUPER BUNDLEs, coaching and the like, a lot of Executives would continue to struggle to get by, like they did before the seminar.  Founder Nate knows this to be true…more than two decades in-the-trenches-reality can’t be ignored. He’s seen other executives learn the hard way when there is no need to. Your team can choose to avoid the blood, sweat and tears…or endure them.  This is the ultimate freedom, right? And so, as such, all his presentations include Executive Briefs on the benefits of the available choices/materials, and a break IMMEDIATELY following his presentation is required to facilitate audience inquiry, selecting and investment of the right materials.  The good thing for you here is that all choices/materials/tools come with a minimum “unconditional” money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee of 30 days.  And many with a DOUBLE DAY guarantee (2x30days).  In many cases, event organizers (corporation/organization/associations) may also choose the Onsite Rebate Option [ORO] of a high percentage on such on-site selections/investments/tools, ranging from a minimum of 10% to as much as 50%, depending on the size and nature of the audience and location of the presentation.  Specific details upon application.  And, in many cases, this rebate offsets all, if not most, of the initial presentation outlay, making it an immediate return on investment (ROI) – thus making Mr McDonald’s shared high speed business [>>] tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks essentially free to you and your Executive Team.

THE TRIPLE AAA Infusion: Super serious Executives who want to send a super serious message to their team and need instant paradigm shifts whilst maintaining a friendly working relationship with staff, and need to ensure their team continue to feel comfortable approaching them when difficulties arise, can choose the TRIPLE AAA infusion which has deliberate elements added to presentations that are purposely designed to Agitate, Aggravate, Antagonize the participants when contentious situations arise within the program.  The is often affectionately known as the “Baptism By Fire” option.  And it is just like they will find on the bare-knuckle, no-holds-barred business battlefield – only, the presentations have safety-nets and air-bags that can be deployed when tensions are being pushed to their limits.  These soften the blows and ensure dignity remains intact.  Make no mistake, this option firmly sets the reality of ‘dealing with Ruthless Relentless Rivals’ with cut-throat counter-parts both upstream and downstream’ as the foundation for rocket-ship growth. This includes your regulators, clients, suppliers, customers, contractors, external professionals and consultants. And why would you want it any other way? Your key investors and stakeholders certain want reality, don’t they?

All Founder Nate’s Executive Keynotes & Boardroom Battle Plan Briefings are listed in his publicly available Activity Schedules UNLESS the Anonymous Consumption Option (ACO) is elected.

Specific Operational Notes: 50% of investments are required at the time of booking, to confirm & lock in the dates – which is a Non-Refundable deposit, forgone should the organization change or cancel the date.  So you will want to make sure you are sure.  Balance plus pre-agreed/billed travel and accommodation is required immediately upon arrival in the foyer, with progression in the venue forthwith.  OF NOTE: Founder Nate is known for quietly and politely sitting in the foyer until this arrangement has been made good – and also for walking out on obviously non-serious organizations who don’t make good on their agreements – with little interest in returning…ever #!*?  And with the enormous demand around the world for his high speed business tactics, tools, triggers and tricks, he has no need to work with those can’t keep their promise…this includes the Fortune 500 types, government/defense departments… only serious applications from serious players are welcome.

Your application will obviously need to include a ‘request’ for a standoff, non-involvement, all-care-no-responsibility, non-religious, non-country, non-political-party bias presentation with no performance/results guaranteed.  The 100% satisfaction guarantee will of course make this an easy decision…for that’s all that really matters right?


To get a magnificent free gift with the Classic Level Speed [>>] Club benefits, and an opportunity to quickly upgrade to get this GOLD Executive Level benefit and many more, just bash on the big orange button…


Good hunting,
Founder Nate #!*?

And remember now,
“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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