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Executive Mastermind Lunch [EML]

Live In-Person [LIP]

Executive Mastermind Lunch with Founder Nate that’s inline with Andrew Carnegie’s famous Mastermind Group that was highlighted in Napoleon Hill’s renowned book “Think & Grow Rich”.

With a slight twist: “Think & STAY Rich”.

With a super super discount as it’s just after a special Regulatory DNA Executive Case Study Test Drive: First 10 only $297 (AUD incl tax).

12:30-2 pm

Two Options:
1)  Brisbane CBD Friday July 19
2) Sydney CBD Monday July 29

First 5 Only Special Bonus Valued At Over $2997.00



  • Final CBD location will be shared a couple days before.
  • Bookings must be made by noon the day before.
  • Phone number required should there be any last minute changes.

Important Steps:

  1. Check out the Amazing 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Absolute Zero Risk For You
  2. Check out What Other Executives Say
  3. Check out The Journey: How We Ended Up Here With You Today
  4. Of note again, you don’t actually need me AT ALL.  The workshop will only get you and your team finding and mining the secret shortcuts FASTER.
  5. Secure your spot by bashing on the big orange button.


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Absolute Zero Risk For You

(Yes, You Read that Right!)

Securing your spot:

  1. Convert to your timezone. (The below timezone starts with us in Sydney, Australia.  You will need to press the down arrow next to the words ‘time zone’, then select your timezone.
  2. Click on the big green ‘Select’ button below.
  3. Be sure to check the data security button below as well.  Otherwise your request will not go through.

Now for the great news…more assurity than you expected to get.

The Amazing

Absolute Zero Risk For You

(Yes, You Read that Right!)


Now for the great news…more assurity than you expected to get.

The Amazing

(Yes, You Read that Right!)

Listen now, for there’s absolutely no risk for you, because you’re backed by a rock-solid iron-clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With this, if you are not completely satisfied that you have a Bigger Future…Greater Freedoms…More Choices…Believe That You Can Now Create Something Much Larger Than Yourself…and that You Now Have The Tools That Will Ensure You Leave A Legacy Worth Leaving…then you will have your investment instantly refunded, no questions asked.  NOT ONE…NADA…NIL…ZIP.

Sign in…listen in to it all…ask any questions you want, use what you pick up…anyway you want.  In any industry or country you wish.  Use it on any executive issue of concern.  The world is truly your oyster.  And if by chance, if you aren’t convinced…100% convinced that my shared secret shortcuts…high speed business turbo boosters…speed tools, tactics and tricks are everything I’ve promised…if you aren’t convinced with a full moon cycle, then you can opt out of the super profit program anytime…and…I’ll not only reimburse you your investment, but you can keep ALL the audios, and action point summaries.  Everything.  You don’t even need to send anything back – that’s how sure I am you’ll profit big time from this special super profiteering program.

You can choose to opt out of the super profit program anytime, simply by clicking a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED SINGLE-BUTTON inside the secure guest’s vault.  And you don’t need to send anything back. No need to hassle yourself about finding the original packaging…no need to hassle yourself about ensuring it is the packaging is presentable for resale.  No…nup…none of that that.  Don’t you just hate it when other people impose these ridiculous return requirements on you?  Such a time waster don’t you think?  Not really in the spirit of the game right…not really fair play?  But that’s not us.  Nowhere near it actually.  We are exactly the opposite…for we can be…for that’s the way we designed it to begin with…100% risk free for you.  It’s how I operate…have done so from the beginning…and I see no reason to change now: no risk for you…seems pretty fair right? (FYI: There is no risk for me either, for we know for sure that this stuff works…and works well.  And we have made sure we knew for sure)

Time I let you in on a little secret.  You see, my strong hunch is you won’t even consider missing any of this once you get a taste of the good life…a taste of what you’ll uncover and discover by being part of this rare, special high speed [>>] club.

And it makes no difference where you’re at in your business or career

#1/2 If for example, you are already up and going…already well-established within your industry then these high speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks will give you the biz-ammunition you’ve been looking for to ensure you stay On Top Forever.


#2/2 Alternatively, if you’re starting in a new industry…from ground zero…without an insider’s success plan on where to really put your best efforts…what you pick up here will make sure you quickly start kicking-goals…and that you don’t make costly mistakes that spell disaster.  Remember the new biz venture failure rates most government departments report: 50% within 5 years…and rising to 70% within the next two. Harsh reality…but real, right?

FYI: This guarantee stands even if you’re at the 99% happy mark and can’t yet see how you will quickly get the last 1% like others have.  For, my goal is that you are 100% happy…and that is firmly within your grasp I tell you…seen it before…many a time.

With That, Good Hunting,



Want more great news…MORE ASSURITY?

The Extraordinary

(Yes, You Read that Right!)

With this one, the Satisfaction Guarantee extends “Right To The Top”. Which is, that our guarantees are not only for you, but also valid for the Judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for Fortune 500 CEOs and CFOs, for the Forbes 400, for Wall St Bankers and Brokers, for the Top Four Accounting Firms, the high-street Law Firms, NASA Safety Engineers, the clean-up committees of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and even for USGA Golf and for F1 Racing Umpires.

With That, Good Hunting,