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‘Fastest Man Alive’ 
Usain Bolt
SIX Time Olympic Champion Gold Medal SUPER BUNDLE.

Where you pick up the secret insights into governing The Greatest Sporting Event in the World & how you can best use these to explode your business profits this year. And for fast moving executives…that is, those who have their say with the “Executive Contract Clause Survey” within three moon cycles of being a GOLD level Executive member, a free copy of the fabulous doco-drama on the million-mile-an-hour man himself…with a matching quick start study guide…perfect for your plane ride over to see the 100m dash at the Olympic Games. Proudly brought to you by the Gladiatorial Gamesmanship School [GGS]. +

FYI: The [GGS] draws upon the following age-old and well-established accession ladder. The interesting thing being most of your current executive team think that level 1 is all that is needed. Where, as your Key Investors and Board so full well know, an executive team operating at level 4 is the only place to be…the place that will have you living well…have your family enjoying life to the fullest. While the others end up living in quiet desperation…often with unnecessary blood-sweat-and-tears.


                       ________| LEVEL 4: FT: Faster Than Our Rivals [>]

                ________| LEVEL 3: AFA: As Fast As Our Rivals [=]

        ________| LEVEL 2: Fast….Faster…Faster Again [>>]

________| LEVEL 1: Can do.

To get a magnificent free gift with the Classic Level Speed [>>] Club benefits, and an opportunity to quickly upgrade to get this GOLD Executive Level benefit and many more, just bash on the big orange button…

Good hunting,
Founder Nate #!*?

And remember now,
“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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