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Do “Freaky Fridays” concern your executive team too? You know, when things are about-face, backwards, contrariwise, far from it, in reverse, reversed, the opposite way, the other way around, turned-about, upside down or vice versa.

A formal research study that Founder Nate #!*? made up to amuse himself reports that the term “Freaky Fridays” actually comes from the 1882 “Vice Versa” comic novel by Thomas Anstey Guthrie (writing under the pseudonym F. Anstey). The title originates from the Latin phrase, “vice versa”, meaning “the other way around”. Perhaps Galactic Surfer Nate’s super profiteering  programs are in themselves an ‘about-face’.  When you dig in, you will find out for sure..

Set in Victorian times, the novel concerns businessman Paul Bultitude and his son Dick. Dick is about to leave home to return to a boarding school. Bultitude, seeing his son’s dismay, asserts that schooldays are the best years of a boy’s life, and how he wishes he were the one going.

At this point, thanks to a magic stone brought by an uncle from India which grants the possessor one wish, father and son exchange bodies. They are now on even terms. Dick, holding the stone, is ordered by his father to return him to his own body, but Dick refuses, and decides instead to become his father. Mr Bultitude has to begin the new term at his son’s boarding school, while Dick gets a chance to run his father’s business in the City.

In the end, both are restored to their own bodies, with a better understanding of each other.

With this one, when inspiration strikes late in the week, you get cool speed tricks on Thursday afternoon or Friday mornings, to help you avoid “Freaky Fridays”. These will focus on “sons running dad’s big biz for a day – what to do first – what’s most important – what not to do”. [FFS]

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And remember now,
“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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