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Your Gold Executive Membership [GEM] is ABSOLUTELY FREE when…

Bi-Annually Referring automatically receive 3 DEEP DIVE CRITIQUE CERTIFICATES for use within the year, which makes membership absolutely free.  This benefit of the Speed Club is commonly known as “Free For Me” for each of the certificates has a street-corner value of $5997.00 thus making the total value to be greater than the membership investment.

The critiques are for truly serious members who are seriously focused on understanding the ins-and-outs of a specific high-value-clause in one of their most pressing business, government and defence dealings (documents).  For example:

  • internal policies, procedures, protocols and rules
  • externally promoted claims, declarations, decrees and promotions
  • laws and government regulations/legislation
  • purchase orders, service level agreements, technical specifications and contracts
  • insurance policies and
  • referenced documents, standards and codes.

The prime purpose for doing so, would be to:

  • comprehend and understand the risks, rights and responsibilities FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • develop, draft and negotiate offers, counter-offers and amendments FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • convert complex regulations and contracts into simple company procedures FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • compare complex choices FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • compare original and changed clauses FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • plan, program and cost compliance programs FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • analyze workflows and develop business procedures FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • complete prescribed notices FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • prepare and review contractual claims FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • check and audit compliance FASTER THAN RIVALS
  • resolve disputes FASTER THAN RIVALS and
  • translate requirements into other languages FASTER THAN RIVALS.




obviously being the opposite of


These super valuable CRITIQUE CERTIFICATES first focus on BOTH a member’s analysis of the true requirement intensity (mandatory or elective); of the true terms and conditions; ot the true alternatives, true exceptions, true limiters, and true timing dependencies/time bars.  BOTH from their perspective, their counter-parts perspective, be it their client, a regulator, a supplier or a contractor, as well as any assigned/over-riding dispute resolver, be it a mediator, an arbitrator or a court judge.  The insider speed secrets revealed in the Super Profit Hopscotch tactics will be very valuable here.

Just punch [FREEforME] into in your Secret Resource Vault online and you will be well on your way.

Club critiques will be presented, with or without member reference (your choice), in successive ^> On Top Forever Letters [OTF] and/or any of the special $$$$$$$$ Squillion Dollar Money Making Secret Sealed Envelopes. A bonus certificate is up for grabs for those with a shareable case study. Valued at $5997.00 BUT FREE FOR YOU when you share your success with likeminded Entrepreneurial Executives and Executive Entrepreneurs [EE/EE]. Maximum of three DD/year.

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“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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