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The calls typically focus on a small group of Executive Level Members and BOTH their “Hero’s Journey” so far, and the road ahead.  It explores their experiences with their new found high speed business tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks.  Listening in members are of course welcome to contribute to the calls with questions and inquiries – and are quite frankly expected to.

HJI calls will often come with professional CD recordings and transcriptions to remind and spur you on just when you need it.

STANDARDIZED FRAMEWORK: “The Hero’s Journey” is a popular story structure which was derived from Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth from his 1949 book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” by Christopher Vogler, in his renowned 1985 Memo  “Twelve Stage Hero’s Journey”.

 The twelve stages of the memo are

(and the discussion benchmark for the HJI calls):

  1. The “Ordinary World”
  2. The Call to Adventure
  3. Refusal of the Call
  4. Meeting with Mentors
  5. Crossing the Threshold to the “Special World”
  6. Tests, Allies and Enemies
  7. Approach to the Innermost Cave (dragon’s den)
  8. The Ordeal
  9. The Reward (seizing the treasure)
  10. The Road Back (to the ordinary world)
  11. The Resurrection
  12. Return with the Elixir (boon).

 While you will find many great diagrams summarizing these stages out in the world in your travels, here is how I have standardized it for these live group coaching calls.

SCHEDULING NOTES: Calls are typically planned to be every other month or so except for super-conference/summit months where you get the goodies direct and in-person [SPSC/IESO].  Typically aiming for the Thursday in the third week of the month.  Aiming for same time of the day – typically early Thursday morning for me and our Asian members, Wednesday evening the night before for our Euro members and early Wednesday afternoon for our American continent members.  Your ^> On Top Forever letter has the details you will be looking for.

(AKA: The White Phone, which is a huge step up from  the entry-level Blue Phone)

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