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Inspired by my overcoming of my fear of dogs after being savagely #!*? bitten in my childhood, the Husky Rescue Alliance came about a couple years ago…and because of it you win big time. You see, some years ago my sister Lyss rescued little Blanco, a white Maltese Terrier from the gutters of Spain and rehabilitated him in a dog hospital in Germany.  He was subsequently scared of most people…understandable right? During an early visit to them from Australia, I was put in charge of looking after him during the day while my sister was out on work projects.  A long story in brief – with both of our fears, it took a good month of eyeing each other off from opposing corners of the room before either of us found enough courage to meet in the middle but for a single pat.  This single act triggered a very special friendship.  He is now one of my best friends.  Who would have thought it would take some 40 years for me to truly understand the saying “man’s best friend”.  Life hey #!*?

And so, Hound-Dog Nate’s Husky Rescue Alliance – The Mutual Appreciation Endowment” LEVEL 1/3, was inspired [HRA1].

This is where…

Huskies Rescue Men in need


Men Rescue Huskies in need.

THE FIRST APPRECIATION ENDOWMENT: This endowment level gives you a a whopping discount off the following very special flagship Gold Edition Home Discovery Toolkits [HDK]  (listed below).  (5%) This is especially for those who appreciate the Man’s Best Friend saying.  This covers the Huskies Rescue Men-In-Need bit.

THE SECOND APPRECIATION ENDOWMENT – Matching the first endowment, Hound-Dog Nate and the Speed Club will bestow the same amount in kind on Husky rescue causes around the world in appreciation for the terrific and much needed job they do.  How good is that?  A BIG ‘BOW WOW’ the dog lovers of the world would bark, surely!  Be sure to watch your OTF newsletter for wonderful stories on rescued huskies…of those who have found a happy home and better lives.  This is the Men Rescue Huskies-In-Need bit.

Of note, our Special Flagship Gold Edition Tools and Toolkits come with High Speed Color highlighting [HSC], which means you will be able to whip through them much-much faster than most believe possible:

  • Business DNA Super Profit Secret Shortcuts [BDNA].
  • Need For Speed – Secret Speed Success Insights From The Race Tracks Of Life [N4S].
  • The “Frustration to Freedom” Super Bundle [F2F].
  • Industry Peak Performer [IPP].
  • The Infamous Godfather Offer – one that you will not be able to refuse [IGO].
  • The Scandalous Head-Hunter’s Guide To Corporate Cannibalism SUPER-BUNDLE, which comes straight to you from someone who was born among the highland cannibals of Papua New Guinea and lives to tell the tale. Not only did his family survive, they thrived – and this is a big call, especially when you think about staff inviting you for dinner at the end of the working day.  Where you’re never quite being sure if you’re being served or being served – if you catch my drift.  PLUS a newly released supplement: “How to be head-hunted by the head-hunters of your most ideal Fortune 500 types”. [HHG]

Returning to rescuing huskies.  “Why should I be involved in such a program that supports good causes?” some of you might be asking.  That’s a good question, and one you should be asking.  And the answer is really quite simple.  You see, I am looking for good quality people to be involved in this Speed Club of ours.  For you see, the revealed speed tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks are really really powerful, so powerful that I need to make sure that they are in the hands of good people who want to make the world a better place.  And not bad people who want to see it burn.  And so, it is kinda my way of vetting people, to see to it that they are a good fit for the Speed [>>] Club.  And your willingness to support worthy causes says a lot about you and your family.  (I have a feeling that you are already this kind of person…I just wanted a little check to make absolutely sure…you get this right?  I’m sure you do, otherwise you would not be here to begin with).

To get a magnificent free gift with this Speed [>>] Club benefit, just
bash on the big orange button…


Good hunting,
Founder Nate #!*?

And remember now,
“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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