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At a International Legal Conference in Washington DC not long ago, the conference summation speaker Barrister Mr Christopher Balmford described the high speed business tactics, tools, templates, triggers and tricks shared by Nate as “the most exciting development in our field at the moment”.

He continued with “We may look back and see Nate’s developments as revolutionary.”

Of note, Nate’s delivery at the contract conference included working extracts from both:

  • the Australian Defence Department’ national procurement contract ASDEFCON
  • the American developed International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) managed by the U.S. Department of State (DOS)

Of note, both Mr Balmford and Nate were also reviewed and written up about in the
“Legal Language and the Search for Clarity: Practice and Tools” textbook by Anne Wagner, Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy, published by Peter Lang.  (ISBN 978-3-03911-169-5 pb.)

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