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And now something special for the dog lovers out there.  Who doesn’t love dogs?  Those who send in a photo of themselves with their favorite dog (and it doesn’t even have to be theirs – it could be Old Yeller) and a line or two about how they are ‘their best friend’, for our monthly newsletter and musings…

…will also get “Man’s Best Friend: The Ancient Japanese Shogun’s Guide to Contemporary UN Environmental Protection Protocols Survival Backpack” where you will pick up the crucial tenements from a 17th century Shogun Military Commander 徳川 綱吉, known for instituting animal protection laws, particularly for dogs and thus earning him the nickname of “The Dog Shogun“.  As well as a DEEP DIVE Guide into the inner-workings of the 20th century United Nations Climate Change Treaty: The Kyoto Protocol.  The speed tricks and tools you pick up here will be immensely beneficial for the rest of your business life – especially when you are faced with complex legalese within your business and government dealings (and documents).  It will also put you in good stead…give you a firm foundation…for reporting on how you are complying with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDG].+

To get a magnificent free gift with the Classic Level Speed [>>] Club benefits, and an opportunity to quickly upgrade to get this GOLD Executive Level benefit and many more, just bash on the big orange button…

Good hunting,
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And remember now,
“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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