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Expert Facilitated Workshop Sessions for your Executive and Professional teams.

Not a lecture, seminar, sermon on what YOU should do.  BUT INSTEAD, a special workshop session with a specialist expert that will both:

  • greatly increase the speed at which your Executive and Professional teams identify the ‘Compliance Requirements’ within your complex business contracts and
  • reduce the risk of being too slow…which is extremely high, right?

(3 hours Live In-Person)

This is a special working session. Not what’s normal. The following pop-up box provides details for you.

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It’s different in both what it produces for you, and how we go about it.

Now, it’s important to know up front, that is doesn’t do everything you need done. Not all.

What it is, is a very specific focus. It focuses on your ‘business requirements’. Particularly the ones that come from your business, government and defense dealings (& documents). Documents we affectionately call “Key Executive Documents’. KED that is.

  • #KED1 Internal Policies, Procedures, Protocols & Rules
  • #KED2 Externally Promoted Policies & Claims
  • #KED3 Laws & Government Regulations/Legislation
  • #KED4 Purchase Orders, Service Level Agreements, Technical Specifications & Contracts
  • #KED5 Insurance Policies
  • #KED6 Referenced Documents, Standards & Codes.

The workshop leverages the Mustor High speed business Mindset & system [MIS 1000, 10000]. Details online at

In particular the Mustor Chunking and Highlighting standards [MIS 1200, 1300], which ask the following 10 iterative questions of your business, government and defense dealings (& documents):

  1. Is it mandatory, a statement or a goal? (must, is, should)
  2. Is it elective? (may)
  3. Is it negative? (not)
  4. Is it timing dependent? (before, during, after, then)
  5. Is it conditional? (if)
  6. Any exceptions? (except)
  7. Any alternatives? (or)
  8. Are there multiple elements? (and)
  9. Is the instruction, condition or alternative limited? (only)
  10. Any necessary pauses? (commas, semi-colons, bullets, sub-numbering)

Be careful.  It’s easy to be fooled.  These questions look simple…at first.  Until your teams try to answer them.

What’s interesting, is that asking and answering these questions will help your executive and professional teams get to your ‘Compliance Requirements’ much faster than ever before…faster than you ever thought possible.  That’s the BIG BENEFIT of these executive workshops.  And it’s what makes us unique.  Quite unique.  Just try and find someone who can do this for you…for your teams.  You will unlikely find someone.  This we know.  And this will become your competitive advantage.

The workshops will be facilitated by the Fonder of the Mustor High Speed Business Mindset & System

  • Nate McDonald
  • aka Galactic Surfer Nate (link to his personal health and wealth blog).

For more details, on what’s covered in the workshops, then check out the following online at Founder Nate’s personal raving blog:

Of note, these working sessions use very SPECIAL Benchmarking & Brainstorming Tools.  Tools that you will not get anywhere else in the world.  As you will discover.

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Benchmarking & Brainstorming Tools used:

ESC – Executive Thinking Caps > #SpeedCups

OHS – Opinion Hopscotch

#Mustor High Speed Business Mindset/System [MIS 1000, 10000]

SPO – #SuperProfiteering Opportunities

SGO – #SuperGreening Opportunities

SPHT – Super Profit Hot Tubbing




These working sessions also have a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee and a Zero Risk Policy.  So you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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If within the first two hours, you’re only at the 99% satisfaction point, and you can’t see how other enterprising executives reached 100 %, then simply say so, and the workshop will immediately end, and a refund authorized on the spot.  

No questions.

No discussion.

The power is all yours. 

Now, you can’t get better than that right?


First choice today:  Black & White, or High Speed Color.

1)  The Classic Option: Single workshop in black & white @ only $2500

2)  The Executive Option: Single workshop in High Speed Color for only 50% on top


Second choice today:  You also have a bulk discount for workshops in High Speed Color.  Which only makes sense right?

3)  2x – Double facilitated with a 10% bulk discount (same day)

4)  4x – Double Day – Four workshops with a 15% bulk discount (two successive days)  THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE.


Just bash on the button of your choice:



  • Travel and accommodation within Australia included. Added on for workshops that require overseas travel.
  • Australian dollars with 10% sales tax added.