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F500 Executive Types and Truly Serious C-Suiters
with hungry wolves @ the door and
barbarous barbarians @ the gate

An extract from a recent Keynote
delivered to Entrepreneurial Executives and Executive Entrepreneurs
by Galactic Surfer Nate – The Super Profiteering Engineer


Hi there,

If you’re like any of the
following 9 Business Superman types,
then read on for you’re in the right place.

1) Rebellious Yet Highly Successful Business Maverick
2) High-Level Corporate & Government Executive
3) Fast-Moving Fast-Rising Disruptive Entrepreneur
4) Defense Department SPEARHEAD or High-Level Executive/Officer
5) Lobbying Leader That Benefactors Take Seriously
6) Sophisticated Accredited Investor
7) Head of a Truly Ambitious Family
8) Seasoned Senior-Level Professional
9) High-Level Niched Consultant/Guru/Expert/Specialist

Now, you’re probably here now with me because you feel that something’s not quite right at the moment…not as it should be…and you’ve heard that perhaps…and quite likely…I have the answers your looking for.

More specifically, you’re here now with me today because you have an inclining that something in your ‘business/government/defense life’ is not quite as it should be. And it’s bugging you.  Bugging you because you just can’t quite put your finger on it.  Bugging you because you’re certainly feeling the effects…but just can’t seem to see the true cause.  Or, in the case of some of you, you here because you know exactly what the problem is…exactly what’s bugging you BUT you’re just not quite sure what to do…and you don’t know anyone else who knows either.

More specifically again, you’ve heard that I have the answers…the shortcuts…the turbo boosters…you’re looking for.  Someone in your inner circle of trusted friends and family told you so. (which by the way, is how most executives make it too me – referral from a friend)

If this ‘seems’ to be true, then just bash on the big orange button and you will be well on your way.