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“The Billionaire’s Secret Weapon: Their Second Paper Napkin” SUPER BUNDLE Level 1, which includes two plain white paper napkins and a concise Instruction Manual on how best to use them to de-construct the high-value clauses in your complex foot-thick business contracts, and a very special ‘Maat Inspired’ Old-School Legal Quill that helps you focus on the super profiteering words – the Truly-Influential-Few and not get distracted by the Mainly-Menial-Many. The [TIF] vs the [MMM]. It also includes a rare Executive Summary on why Maat is special and as such has center place here and why you should take her seriously when you are working on your business, government and defense dealings (and documents).

To entice you a little more…to sow the seeds of curiosity – Maat is deeply rooted in the Ancient Egyptian populous controls within the infamous ‘Book of the Dead’.  And this simple little bit of information will be of immense value to you, no matter where in the world your business endeavors take you to.

(Of note: How to use the napkins to construct, as opposed to deconstruct your business contracts, comes part of your upgrade to GOLD Executive membership level – GEM)+


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