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In addition to all the magnificent benefits you get from your Executive Membership with The Club, you’ll also receive as a Very Valuable BONUS:

A CD/DVD compilation of selected highlights from what many successful Executive Members consider to be one of the BEST “High Speed Executive” SUPER BUNDLEs I have ever put together…

“Executive  DNA Super Profit Secrets SUPER BUNDLE – LIVE ONLINE [LIP]”
GOLD Ed with High Speed Color Highlighting [HSC]

In particular, it includes selected extracts from a ‘quite-casual’ car-drive-home recording which looks into “How High-Level Executives Will Impress the Hell Out Of Their Key Investors With A Profit Explosion This Year That Was Directly Caused By Their Exploitation Of ‘The Compliance FIVE FINGERS’ – Because Having Happy Investors is the Ultimate Level Of Freedom and Success, right?
You will find this simple yet significant! Just the way you like it, right?

(Of Note: Executive DNA has Business DNA as a mandatory pre-requisite because of the speed it moves at)

Now specifically, the core benefit of the executive
membership is the…

Regular & Exclusive
For The Fast-Moving High-Level Executive

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To get a magnificent free gift with the Classic Entry Level of The Club and an opportunity to quickly upgrade to many more Executive Level benefits, just bash on the big orange button…


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“If you’re not also thinking like a pirate,
then it is only a matter of time before you’re plundered by one!”

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