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Discover how to make more money and strengthen your business using the self-tested and proven strategies of world-renowned business building expert, Nathan McDonald. (or Nate to his friends)

By joining the High Speed Business Club, high level Executives get opportunities to work together so as to acquire and implement proven business success strategies and tactics. Nate will share with you how to shape your business so that it has a solid foundation from which to launch your success into outer-space. He shares with Entrepreneurs and Executives at all levels of expertise exactly how to break down business, government and defense dealings into the vital elements needed to ensure long-term success. The Club only accepts the TOP 20% of applicants.

This is an Exclusive Club for highly motivated, highly qualified, extremely determined business owners, entrepreneurs and business people.

You will be pleased to discover that Speed Club has got a stellar track record of helping many thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs and executives discover how to control their business, government and defense dealings so effectively they succeeded in ways they hadn’t thought possible. But it is possible – through the High Speed Business Club.  This is what you too will discover – in no time.

How does the Club Work?”

You will be working with a team of SUPER-specialists – led by Nate (Nathan McDonald) – in how to completely break down your business, government and defense dealings into the essential “PROFIT-CONTROL”  elements. You will have access to a host of resources, proven up-skilling exercises, tele-coaching and in-person coaching sessions that will help you crystallize your vision, and shape your future so that it indeed comes true.

“Why should I, your prospective member, choose to do business with you VS. any and every other option available to me?”

You will be provided with the necessary success resources – books, live-coaching online, hands-on coaching, newsletters, one-on-one telephone calls and more, depending on your level of membership (Executive, Gold Executive, Empire or Platinum) and your affiliation. We have the information for you that you have been looking for – Guaranteed or your money back.  So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  How good is that?  Simply, you will find we can lead you through the success process step-by-step.

Which Membership Level Best Suites You Today? (#1 or #2)

Take your business to another level, and discover how to completely break down your business, government and defense dealings into the essential “PROFIT-CONTROL”  elements more effectively and with far less stress.  A High Speed Business  [>>]  Club Membership brings you EXACTLY the information you have been looking for to ‘shore up’ your business and make more money. That is, information that will make you more money this week, this week, this month, this quarter, this year and even this decade.

Who is it for?

A High Speed Business  [>>]  Club Membership might be the best place for you to start your rocket ride to success. Your business is doing okay – but it could be so much better – especially as competition is getting tougher each year – and more sneaky too.  Or you might be at a point where you don’t know where to get the information that you have been looking for. You’re in a quandary – should I stay with what I have or should I follow my ‘gut-feelings’ until I find what I both want and need. How will I know that I am on the right track.  We know how you feel.  We know this because we have been there.  And luckily for you, we have worked hard, cut through the rubbish and found the secret shortcuts.  Shortcuts that you will come to see as GOLDEN.  It’s time to work with the masters, and become a High Speed Business  [>>]  Club.

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Jam-packed with insider info & insights on how the club’s secret high speed business tactics, tools, templates and tricks will open the floodgates to more wealth, power and freedom! Plus: Your first issue of the ‘NO-BULL’ On Top Forever ^> letter. Each issue overflowing with the latest Mega-Money-Making Strategies. Current members refer to it as a day-long intense seminar in print, arriving by first class mail each and every month. Perfect for your coffee shop reading. Thus putting your time to really good use…highly leveraged time, as you will no doubt discover. “You will look forward to it”, many of our more successful executive level members report…because there are always terrific examples of BOTH “What’s-Working-NOW” Strategies (and just as importantly, what’s not), and timely news about what the powers-to-be are up to…and trends on the horizon. You’ll want to find a quiet place with a highlighter and devour every word.
Your first instalments include insightful stories about Real People, Real C-Suite Executives, Real Results, Real Rewards. With EXCLUSIVE interviews with successful users of our special high speed business tactics, tools and tricks; as well as leading experts and gurus providing relativity and perspective. Included CDs can be used to turn your wasted commute time into “EXECUTIVE POWER THINKING” time.

Your membership also gives you unrestricted access to the renowned Secret Resources Vault online (members-only site) where you can download or interact with all materials from your laptop or phone from anywhere you are, PLUS find out how to connect into our executive level only sub-groups and secret entrepreneurial executive communities. With these, you’ll discover that you’re not alone anymore. Finally someone who speaks your language…at the level and speed that you’re used to. Not terribly many people at the top of your organization to speak frankly about executive issues with is there now? . Birds and a feather and all.

In addition, members receive 2 tickets to attend our 5X-2X-90X FAST Implementation Bootcamps ($997 value) FOR FREE, the very first and essential event we strongly encourage executives to attend immediately after joining!

P.S. At a certain point, you will, like most other members, want to step up your game even further, and consider and apply for Executive Membership. That day will come sooner than you think.  You will come to see that this is an efficient and rewarding process.  Understandably, about 20%, usually the top 20% in the business world, start at this level.  If you know already that this is you, then you will probably want to go straight there.  …>

As an Executive Member, you’ll get all of the Business Success Club Member benefits, including the, the monthly interview, the hot sheet, website access, and time to speak personally with Founder of the Mustor  High Speed Business Mindset MIS 1000, Nathan McDonald (or Nate to his friends).

BUT YOU ALSO GET more tools to help you build your business better and faster. Plus you also get additional Exclusive Executive ONLY monthly Intense Tele-Coaching Calls* (not available to Club members) with Nate and experts on a different business topics, including Q&A time.  YOU ALSO GET magnificent discounts for both the Income Explosion Summit – Online (IESO) and the Super Profits Super Conference (SPSC), Nate’s popular “Executive MBWA” fortnightly fax (or email if you prefer), and the Secret Super-Rich Inspired ‘Think & Grow Rich’ Executive Hot Sheet Collection.

Who is it for?

If you’ve been an High Speed Business  [>>]  Club Member for some time now, then you’ve already become familiar with the language and culture of this very special tribe. You get it. You’re one of us: you understand the real world of business, government and defense. You’re a forward-thinking, progressive, assertive Entrepreneur or Executive who’s using “Mustor-style” business mindset to get the results you need. And to make more money. Much more.

You’ve separated yourself from the myriads of dreamers, the slackers, the talkers and the excuse makers. You know, the ones that “wonder why their businesses fall flat and fail”. YOU ARE SERIOUS about making things work and about fast implementation. You’ve moved from merely reading and listening to discovering for yourself and taking action. Massive action that is.  You’ve no doubt experienced profound breakthroughs in the way you think about your business and about the real business you’re in. You’re a lot like our most successful Members – and you can spot it a mile away – within a split second.

As a new benefit for our Executive Members, we will begin posting not only the monthly “Executive Success” call to the Secure Members Resource Site, but a transcript of the call (for those that enjoy taking the time to read) and we will also begin mailing a copy of the transcript with your CD each month.

P.S. As an Executive Member, you’re already gung-ho for success. Which is why you are highly likely to then consider the Empire MASTERMIND Group. That’s where you dig down even deeper and get more effective tools to move ahead faster. This is an intensive coaching group and, depending on the level you choose, you’ll also get the tremendous benefits of a series of one-on-one meetings and calls DIRECTLY WITH Nate.  If you’re at a point where you are willing to work with others, to present your successes and failures, your goals and aspirations, and your challenges – so as to move on to the next level, then the MASTERMIND is where you can refine your approach even more. …>


Among many other success tools, and a few surprise gifts, your membership includes:

  • Exclusive Executive ONLY monthly Intense Tele-Coaching Calls* (not available to entry level Classic members)
  • Executive Member ONLY Private Annual Network Building Event
  • The Secret Super-Rich Inspired ‘Think & Grow Rich’ Executive Hot Sheet Collection
  • Private Access to ‘The Executive Essentials Resource Site’ (aka The CEO-CFO Toolbox)
  • A special Executive Masterclass On & Off line Combination
  • Reserved Super-Conference Business Lunch ‘Executives ONLY Networking Table’
  • The Four Success Pillars – 4 special focus letters annually (CEO, CFO, Entrepreneur, Investor)
  • The Annual Fortune 500 Emulation Report
  • An exclusive Annual Executive ONLY Needs & Wants Survey & Results Report
  • Instant New EM Welcome Online (10min while you have your morning cappuccino)

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